Back in my younger years, Speak N Spell was one of my absolute favorite toys. I took it everywhere and wore it out pretty quickly. Now a parent myself, I’ve been looking for a Speak N Spell to share with my second grade daughter, but used units on eBay are either expensive or in poor condition.

Now a retro toy company called Basic Fun has released an updated, but novelty, Speak N Spell. This new 2019 Speak N Spell sells at Target for about $25 and promises the same voice and play experience as the classic 80’s Texas Instruments electronic toy.

So naturally, I had to pick one up and give it a try. While it offers a lot of similar gameplay and learning, it’s not without caveats. The original will still always be the best, but with some minor dings in mind, this is a pretty acceptable “tribute” piece. Check out the video to see my unboxing and first thoughts on this affordable, reimagined educational toy.