I wanted to find a way to store my growing DVD and Blu-ray collection around my small home theater setup, so I decided to adapt some existing Room Essentials cube storage shelves from Target for storing my movies.

Cube storage shelves are, by themselves, not great for storing movies. The cubes themselves are typically 11 inches square, so it’s hard to keep movies up front and viewable in the shelves, and there’s a lot of wasted space because the cubes are taller than the disc cases.

So I solved this problem like I solve many other problems in my life – with a glue gun and no existing plans! I bought foam-core posterboard from Dollar Tree and came up with a little “shelf within a shelf” insert that not only keeps the movies from pushing all the way back into the cube, but also doubles the number of titles I can store by stacking a second tier of discs behind the first ones, while still keeping them viewable and accessible. It’s a dirt cheap solution that can be done more cleanly with wood or 3D printed plastic for those who are equipped to use such things, but this workaround has been working great for me!