I’ve owned an Ardisam Earthquake MC43 2-cycle gas tiller for a few years now and it’s been a scrappy little workhorse around my garden, but today I’m trying out the Ardisam Earthquake DK43 dethatcher kit for dethatching a lawn.

I’ve been in my house for about nine years and have never done much to my front lawn other than mowing it, fertilizing it with Milorganite and occasionally trying to overseed it. I can see a heavy layer of thatch and also some moss, so it’s obvious that not all the sunlight, water and fertilizer isn’t penetrating as well as it should. So I thought I’d give this a try.

It is available on Amazon or select home center websites like Home Depot. If you order it on Amazon, there are often “Warehouse Deals” on it that bring it down from $85+ to around $50 just because the packaging seems prone to getting beat up. The kit comes with left and right side tines with wheels, a metal apron or shield and a few parts for installing it.

Watch the video to see how easy (or not!) it is to use and how well it worked for me.