I don’t really have much use for a security camera, as little I own would be considered by most “valuable.” But in testing wi-fi security cameras, I see the value in having them even if you don’t need them for surveillance. We travel a few times a year, and they’re helpful for monitoring the house for issues and keeping an eye on pets.

So I was particularly impressed with this model – a PTZ or “pan tilt zoom” IP camera – as opposed to other fixed models I’ve tried. I’ve struggled to get those other ones fixed in the right places, and when I do, I would often wish I could have a wider field of view when I needed to monitor the camera from afar. This camera gives you lots of control that’s as easy as a tap or a swipe.

Setup rendered a few hiccups, and there are plenty of LOUD annoying sounds that the camera makes during setup, so don’t do it within range of sleeping kids or easily startled pets. I also experienced more reliability with iOS devices than Android devices, though I was able to make both work.

When I got up and running, the quality of the camera was great. Night vision is detailed. Quality is scalable for different Internet connections. The ability to set preset views is a nice touch, and the fact that this camera comes with a good U1-speed 16GB Sandisk card in the box is an unexpected perk.

Overall, despite some setup and usage hiccups, I’m pretty impressed with this camera, and foresee a lot of use in everyday situations – even if those don’t involve security.