You can tell the difference between handy work done by a craftsman and work done by a do-it-yourselfer who only cares about quick fixes and instant gratification.  The same can be said about multimedia projects done for the purposes of content marketing.  Multimedia, probably even more so than other forms of communication, not only mirrors your work ethic, but amplifies it.

That’s why a little good old-fashioned pride in workmanship matters in audio and video done for social media marketing.

I’m often derided for that opinion, but I wholeheartedly believe in it.  There are no shortage of ways to slap together a video for YouTube.  Yes, you can record a quickie voice file on your iPhone and call it a podcast.  But your audience isn’t stupid.  They can tell the difference between someone who puts effort into their marketing content and those who only do it for the sake of doing it.

Your content is you.  You’re more than welcome to take shortcuts, but why would I — as a consumer — treat you seriously if you don’t treat your own image seriously?  I’m not saying you need to invest in thousands of dollars of gear or professional manpower to make award-bait multimedia productions.  Just take a moment to think what a simple “record-stop-upload” video does for you.  You’re neglecting all the opportunity that’s out there to really hone a polished image that exudes authority and authenticity.

That’s saying nothing of the fact that poorly done multimedia is just often difficult to hear or watch.  You may have a powerful message, but you’re dimming its impact by not presenting it in a well-planned, effective way.  It’s not about getting the top choice gear.  It’s not about getting high-level training.  It’s often just as simple as learning a few basic fundimentals.  It’s about learning what makes clear, understandable sound.  It’s about learning where to shoot your video and how to use the high-definition widescreen frame to your benefit.  It’s about learning what you can do with effects, and why sometimes using effects the way you want isn’t doing you any favors.

The first step to punching through with effective content is making a commitment to do it right.  It doesn’t have to be a life-sucking pledge.  The more you learn, the easier it becomes.  But you have to want to do it and then do it for the right reasons.  Learn your audience, know what they want and how to deliver it to them in a streamlined, consumable manner.  You’ll be surprised what you can achieve.