This week, Adobe added AI-based enhancements to its noise reduction tools in Lightroom CC. I decided to give it a spin with some recent photos I took with a 1600 ISO, as well as some older, darker and grainy handheld photos from my catalog. I was pretty impressed by the results and believe this new AI denoise tool will really allow me to go back in my catalog and give some shots I wrote off as throwaways a whole new second life.

I’ve been a Lightroom user for quite a while and have a Creative Cloud catalog of 20,000+ photos taken over the past 15 years. Between the new machine-learning AI denoise and RAW enhancement tools, as well as super resolution, I’m anxious to do a full deep dive on my past work to see what new life I can breathe into some of my early (less experienced) work.

What do you think about Adobe’s new AI denoise tool? Leave a comment and shoot me a link to your own photo artwork. I love seeing what other photographers are doing.