I shoot a lot of photos and video, both personally and professionally, and I also want to be able to take my music and movies with me without always having to rely on wi-fi or cellular data. That’s what ultimately got me to switch from my iPhone 5S to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I wanted to have as much space as possible, and the S7’s SD card spec maxes out at 200 GB. So when I saw this card on a super-cheap one-day Amazon sale, I jumped on it, despite my hesitations about card speed.

This card is stamped with Class 10 but the packaging touts UHS-1 speed. Neither reach the heights of UHS-3, which is recommended for 4K video. Is this the speediest card on the market? No. But I haven’t had any performance issues whatsoever with this card in my S7 Edge. I’ve recorded 1080p video and plenty of photos without a hiccup. I’ve packed it with movies, 30+ GB of music, podcasts and more, and I’ve still got more than enough space to get me through the next year or two with room to spare.

If I run into any issues later on, I’ll update this review at that time, but so far I’m loving this roomy, snappy little card.