Bluetooth speakers sometimes get a bad rap. There’s some good ones out there, and a whole Grand Canyon full of bad ones. I’ve had my share of those. Either they sounded bad, or you walk more than 10 feet away in a direct line of sight and it still breaks up like crazy. The G-TUBE is one of the good ones. It’s one of the great ones, actually. I wanted to get a splash-proof Bluetooth speaker for my lower floor bathroom. It’s a very small space and the acoustics of the room are terrible, to be generous. I wanted something that would afford me better sound as I got ready in the morning, from the shower to the bedroom. I purchased this speaker on clearance locally, not expecting much, but was kind of blown away.

Firstly, this thing is built like a brick spithouse. It has nice heft to it, which I like. It features a pair of generous drivers for clean, punchy stereo sound. It’s flanked on the sides and in the middle by rubberized trim that has indents that allow it to lay sideways and rest at various angles. A nice touch, to be sure. I can rest it projecting up about 40 degrees, straight up, etc. When you sit it on either side, the trim stands it up like it’s on feet, which is nice if you’re standing it poolside or on a wet surface.

One end features a solid-feeling set of buttons for power, volume, pairing and a play button that also advances tracks on my mobile device if double-tapped. The other side features a small loop which I hang on a hook when in the shower. It unscrews a sealed door that gives access to a 3.5mm input AND output (these can be daisy-chained — another nice feature) as well as the Micro USB charging port. When the battery on this thing finally kicks, don’t expect this to be water resistant anymore because your power port rests under this sealed porthole door, but no worries. This is a solid-sounding speaker that I’d find just as capable as a desk speaker. This thing gets loud and assertive without noticeable distortion. It performs well beyond your expectations for a speaker like this.

They claim several hours play time on the battery, and it’s relatively new so I can’t attest to the longevity just yet. As far as the range, I’ve been very impressed. They claim 33 feet, and I wouldn’t doubt you could get close to that. I’ve walked with my speaker in hand out of the bathroom, around the corner and into the bedroom – perhaps 20+ feet and through a few walls – with nary a hiccup.

I’m considering picking up a second for use outdoors this summer – on the deck, in the garage, in the garden. It’s a rugged, powerful and well-designed little powerhouse that turned around my opinion of what cheap Bluetooth speakers were capable of.