We’re transitioning our 3 year old daughter from her crib to a “big girl bed,” and wanted a way to establish with her when it’s OK to wake up rather than have her climb out of bed at 4 AM and come in our bedroom. This was very highly rated and a #1 seller in its category so we bought it. I guess I didn’t read that closely and found it only runs on 4 AA batteries. Even if it doesn’t require a power adapter, an option to use one would be nice. My daughter loves to press on its feet and use the nightlight, so I hope the batteries last a while. If not, investing in some rechargables may be in order.

That said, she loves this clock, and it’s been working really well in the first couple weeks we’ve had it. It’s easy to set, and she now knows that it’s OK to wake up and call for us when her clock turns green. The only thing I wish this clock had was separate weekday and weekend “OK to wake” time settings. It would be nice to let her (and us!) sleep in a little on the weekend.

Would highly recommend this to others (despite the couple design quirks I mentioned above).