I don’t work in the digital marketing agency world anymore, but I know a lot of people who do. For my friends in that world in the Green Bay area, here’s a free business tip.

Go after tree trimming services.

At a glance, it seems like there’s a whole forest of them (no apologies for the pun) in the Green Bay area, and so few of them have websites at all, much less ones set up for lead generation. And even those that do have it implemented so poorly, it’s painful as a customer.

So why the random rant? I’m a warm lead for these services. I have not one but four trees I want removed from my yard right now, I have the cash and I’m ready to go. As a business owner, please consider me ripe for the picking. So lately, I’ve been doing my research for tree trimming services online because it’s 2017 and I’m in the smartphone generation and I recycle my phone books every year when they arrive.

So far, there’s only one or two tree services I’ve encountered in Green Bay with what I would consider to be a good digital presence – website, social, the whole shebang. The others that do have websites at all are GeoCities-level at best, and some of those have broken email forms that won’t take my request for a quote at all. If you’re going to service your online presence once a decade, at least give me an honest-to-God email address to contact so I’m not stuck in “please wait” purgatory until my MacBook battery runs out. One local company’s Google business website link – no joke – redirects to a spammy mattress store website. Another shows as “down for maintenance” and, I’m willing to bet, has been since 1998. Others that do have social profiles have been keeping them in mothballs since the year they likely tried to do social and didn’t see the instant ROI they were expecting.

I’m a modern digital consumer with little to no time to call around during “business hours,” and I’ll freely admit that I passed right over the vast majority of those tree services that came up in Google’s local search because they have no online presence whatsoever and/or they don’t tend to their Google business profiles and reviews.

You may still think that the Yellow Pages or TV work just like they always have and that’s good enough, but it’s not enough anymore. I rarely watch linear broadcast television anymore, and when I do, I TiVo over the commercial breaks. I consider the Yellow Pages fodder for my fire pit. I don’t listen to the radio because there’s a wealth of engaging podcasts out there. My intent to purchase lives, primarily, online. If you’re not there, you’re non-existent.

So if you’re one of those tree trimming services I never bothered to contact, message me. I can recommend some really good digital marketing agencies you should talk to.