I have a small fire safe box that sealed so well, it caused documents inside to get wet and grow mold – a supposedly common issue with these safes. After cleaning and drying everything out, I put one of these in there.

Been several months since and it’s as dry now as day one and it’s only about half way to its first refresh. I also have one of these in my pantry closet that gets warm and humid in the summer because of the attic access in there, and it keeps that nice and dry as well.

They work well and are very easy to refresh – just takes about 12 hours plugged in my garage and they’re ready to absorb even more moisture. I have high-capacity versions of this in a basement closet that stays closed all the time and used to get so musty and smelly, and it’s dry and pleasant now.

I also have the mini fan-based Eva-Dry dehumidifiers in two rooms in the basement that stay closed off from the main basement dehumidifier and these rooms (bedroom-size) stay dry as well. Big fan of Eva-Dry products.