Should there be an installation disc with the XENYX 302, or do I even need to download anything else? (Jeff T. From France)
No, there is no installation disc included with the Xenxy 302 USB mixer from Behringer.  The good thing about the 302 USB is it really doesn’t need drivers.  You just plug it in and go.  Your computer will recognize it as an audio device, or more specifically a secondary sound card titled “USB Audio Codec.”  You can then set it as your recording device in either Windows itself or your recording software.  You can also set it as your default playback device and run audio out through it if you wish.

Behringer does offer downloadable “low-latency ASIO” drivers for all its USB-equipped Xenyx models on its website.  This may be required in some more complicated situations or higher-end models, but I find the 302 USB works just fine without it.